The HEADRUSH Trailer hit the internet in July 2012 while the movie was still in production. It was released in conjunction with a fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo. The campaign was ultimately a success, raising over $9000 in funds that were used to help finish out production and post work on HEADRUSH.

After a long road, HEADRUSH is finally ready for public viewing. The film is going on a Premiere Tour starting in Tupelo, MS on July 25th and ending in Oxford on September 3rd. Make sure to catch it in gorgeous HD digital projection at one of these screenings.


Lightning crashes! Kurt Schuler (Cameron Spann) hovers over a shrouded body. Who is underneath the sheet? How did they get there? In HEADRUSH, a thrilling science-fiction murder mystery directed by Johnson Thomasson, Kurt is a biochemist who does cutting edge research into the nature of death, but when he discovers a mysterious human body in his laboratory, he must race to find the killer or risk losing everything he has worked for…even his own life.

HEADRUSH began filming in February, 2012, in Jackson and Canton, Mississippi with locations at Millsaps College, the State Department of Education Building, and the Historic Canton High School. The film was shot entirely in Mississippi with a cast and crew of Mississippians. With the aid of grants from the Mississippi Film and Video Alliance and the Mississippi Arts Commission, as well as two successful Internet “crowdfunding” campaigns through the websites KickStarter and Indiegogo, HEADRUSH was able to raise a total budget of over $30,000. The film was shot in 4k on the Red ONE camera.

HEADRUSH stars Cameron Spann (As I Lay Dying) as Kurt Schuler, Kenny Cook (“As I Lay Dying,” “42”) as Dr. Abrams, Amye Williams Gousset (“Army Wives,” “The Help”) as Marianne, Jon W. Sparks (“Nothing but the Truth”) as Dr. Kelly, and Leslie Palmer (“Treme,” “G.I. Joe 2”) as Sonny Merrit. The creative production team on the film includes writer-director Johnson Thomasson, award-winning director of photography David Matthews (“Murderabilia”), two-time Emmy award-winning co-producer Randy King, and executive producer / producer Robbie Fisher ( “The Gulf Islands: Mississippi’s Wilderness Shore,” “Delta 180: Changing Lives in the Mississippi Delta”).